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Beam Saw

Beam Saw


Our latest beam saw is capable of cutting up to 50 sheets a day, 5 days a week, it has the precision to work to 0.01mm accuracy and is completely automated from the office, ensuring the panels are cut correctly every time without the need of manually inputting data for production. As all our kitchens are made to order, our system optimizes the quantities needed first and then orders the exact amount of board in that colour. Meaning we can offer over 500 different colours of cabinets.

Edge Bander

Edge Bander


Our latest edge bander, is CNC driven, that runs 1mm-2mm ABS edging tape onto the cabinet edges. It pre-mills 1mm off the board first in order to give an excellent finish before applying the tape. We run over 150 different edge colours to suit our different boards.

Busellato Jet 2000XL CNC
Stema Vertical Fed CNC

CNC & Vertical Fed CNC


Our bussalato CNC is the machine that creates all the drilling patterns needed for the assembly of the unit. It will drill out for all the hinge plates, shelf holes, any pullout storage solutions and dowel holes for our (glue and dowel) construction method, ensuring the positioning is not down to a human, this makes sure the drilling is exact every time. A side to this, the machine also creates any curved components and special handless routing details that may be required.

Hand made carcasse construction



By the time the unit gets down to assembly point, the chance of error is minimal, as the unit will already be drilled out for all the components that need fitting to it and can only be assembled one way. The holes and dowels on the unit are glued up and then put onto the through feed press ready for final inspection and wrapping.

Through Feed Carcasse Press, compacting a unit

Through Feed Press


Our latest through feed press will pull the unit through on a conveyer system, square the unit up and then clamp and hold it for a few minutes until the glue has set. It then releases the unit off the other end ready for its final journey...

Sanding a 5 piece door

Door Preparation


All doors are inspected after production, prior to being drilled for necessary fixings. We offer over 500 different door ranges and matching cabinet colours.

Blum door drilling and hinge machine

Door drilling and hinge fixings


All door and drawer fronts are CNC machine drilled with inserts to ensure accuracy and long term durability.

Wrapped units ready for despatch



All the doors, drawers, pullouts, bins etc. are all then fitted to the units. The units will then be inspected for a final time before being cleaned and wrapped up ready for loading onto our own vehicles for delivery.

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